Become a WEL Leader
with Dr David Reilly

Create a WEL culture in your organisation and future-proof your own wellness

We would like to invite you to join in a growing WEL movement that is radically changing the way we create, restore, and protect health and wellness .

With the UK future retirement age expected to rise to 70 years old, we urgently need to find new ways to keep ourselves and our workforce healthy and vital, and yet 40% of UK adults are currently expected to develop one or more chronic, but preventable illnesses.

Steps to WEL Leadership

First Step: To partner with you to help you transform your own wellness and future-proof your health

Next Step: To open up a new frontier by engaging you as leaders and to support the wellness enhancement of your workforce and the people your organisation serves.

Dr Reilly is an inspirational health pioneer and innovator, whose leadership has set a new gold standard for health care.

David Reilly, Winner- Scottish Dynamic Place Award ‘Person of the Year’

TheWEL Leader – Essentials of Wellness

An experiential journey towards enhanced wellness

This one day live course distils the essence of TheWEL drawing the highlights from each of the five parts of TheWEL Journey . Using a blend of science, philosophy, clinical experience and art, David will take you on an experiential learning journey, guiding you towards enhanced wellness.

The Course Highlights

You will learn to shift your approach to living and self-care that steer you and your workforce away from today’s epidemics. 

Busting the myth that healthy weight = calories in minus calories out, you will become clear and confident in choosing food that leads to vitality by gradually “crowding out” processed foods that are anti-nutritional.

You will discover the neurophysiology of lifestyle change and why willpower alone does not work

You will gradually come to see how patterns have emerged in your life over time and learn why it’s important to steadily lay down new pathways both in terms of lifestyle and habit but also in the brain and the gut

You will learn how to dial down and shift anxiety provoking thoughts that cloud your judgement and impair decision making, wellbeing and joy.

You will cultivate and lay down new habits and pathways that will help you better navigate the storms of work and life

You will be empowered to live in ways that will change your health and wellness – without drugs. You don’t need to memorise the rigorous science underpinning TheWEL – just follow the new compass that TheWEL will offer you.

The Benefits of the Course

Discovering the ingredients of creating a WEL culture in your organisation

Finding a sustainable way for you and your workforce to optimise performancebased on a paradigm that underpins self-care at the core

Rediscovering a sense of vitality and enjoyment in your life and work

Laying the foundations for the peak years of active leadership and future life chapters of optimal health, vitality and happiness

Emerging as a WEL Leader to join a growing community of concern, who by embarking on a WEL journey themselves, are able to bring enhanced wellness to their colleagues, customers, friends and families

You will also receive the full course manual, workbook and video material to delve deeper into the five parts of TheWEL Journey in your own time or accompanied by a WEL Leader Coach.

TheWEL Results

Remarkable results from TheWEL in over 3000 participants show that at an average of 20 months after the course, people reported the following improvements:

Mental Wellness

  • —Ability to cope with their problems (86%)
  • —Sense of well being (83%)
  • Relationships improvements (66%)
  • —Levels of self-compassion (78%)
  • —Self care (77%)
  • Ability to cope with stress (77%)

Physical Wellness

  • —Eating better (80%)
  • Ability to cope with pain (67%)
  • —Improvement in health conditions (77%)

In addition 42% of people had a reduced need for prescribed drugs.

These life-changing personal shifts are echoed in objective blood markers for the epidemics:

  • 2 in 3 (67%) improved their Omega 3-6 ratio (linked to heart disease, inflammation, depression, arthritis)
  • 3 in 4 (75%) corrected sub-optimal Vitamin D levels (linked to multiple health conditions)
  • 1 in 2 (55%) reduced fasting insulins (linked to risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome)
  • 1 in 3 (33%) reversed their pre-diabetes

Can you think of any other approach that produces similar sustained improvements for people? 

These results distinguish TheWEL from current health models, and other self-care systems or corporate wellness programmes.

The Practical Stuff

The Venue

The course will be delivered in the iconic House for an Art Lover in Glasgow

Dates and Times – TheWEL Leader – Essentials of Wellness 2019

The one day course will take place on the following dates in Glasgow:

29 October 2019 – 9.00am –  5.00p.m.


12 November 2019 – 9.00am –  5.00pm

The course will take place in the fabulous View Room – overlooking the grounds of House for an Art Lover and will include morning and afternoon breaks and lunch

Your Investment

TheWEL Leader – Essentials of Wellness – One Day Course

TheWEL Leader Essentials of Wellness course including one day live with Dr David Reilly in the beautiful House for an Art Lover, premium course materials (including a wooden engraved folder with course manual and workbook plus wooden engraved USB containing home study course videos) plus lunch and snacks.


Optional 1-1 coaching

The chance to accelerate and deepen your WEL journey by working 1-1 with one of our WEL Leader Coaches who will meet with you 4 times in the 6 months following the course. These 60-90 minute sessions will help you identify the specific wellness enhancements you want to achieve and provide you with additional support and motivation to achieve the changes you want. They will also if you wish explore with you how you might create a WEL culture within your organisation.

+ £495

Booking Details and Discounts

Please book early to avoid disappointment as there are a very limited number of places available on this 2019 course. The next course will be in Autumn 2020.


The prices above have been set to reflect that this is the inaugural course. Two promotional discounts will apply:

  1. 10% discount when buying the full package (including coaching)

2. A further 10% discount to organisations buying 2 or more places

What now?

If you are excited by the possibility of joining a group of peer leaders in beginning a WEL Journey this autumn then simply email us at:

Not Sure Yet?

We would be delighted to have a chat by phone or email to answer any queries you might have. Give us a call or drop us a line.

Dr. David Reilly
Tel: 07970 280473

Paul McColgan
Tel: 07850 709915

After the Course:
Creating a WEL Culture in your Organisation

After completing TheWEL Leader Course we would be delighted to engage you in conversation around how we can help you create a WEL culture in your organisation.

We have various programmes to help you build a WEL culture including:

  • Delivering StaffWEL courses
  • TheWEL online
  • Training your staff as WELGuides to deliver in-house WEL courses.

The Five Part WEL Journey

The WEL Leader course unfolds in 5 parts: 

Part 1 – The SEED – Seeding a Shift in Your Wellness

The journey begins by exploring our current health crises and the inadequacy of the current health care system to address them. From this launch point we quickly open up to the possibility that change is possible and explore the neuroscience that explains why our efforts at behavioural change are often short-lived. We then introduce the concept of “maps” and show how sustained wellness enhancement requires a change of our “map”. Next comes an introduction to our innate capacity for healing and the centrality of self-care and compassion to activate this. Part 1 concludes with some practical first steps towards enhanced wellness. 

Part 2 – The NURTURE – Nourishing Your Life

The one thing we have in our control is what we eat, drink and breathe, and yet society is bombarded with conflicting advice which has been accompanied by an explosion in poor health.  TheWEL cuts through this maze of information by combining simple common sense knowledge of what is real food with a scientific overview of metabolism; the link between stress and insulin resistance; the effects of chronic inflammation; and the foods which increase and decrease it.

Part 3 – The PATH – Changing your Path

This session deepens our understanding of what we need to flourish in life and the gap that has opened up between what we simply need and the wants and desires that often get in the way – driving our poor self-care. We achieve a clearer picture as to what we can do in small steps to turn the ship around towards the type of attitudes that are will better support our self-care.

Part 4 – TheWELMIND – Breaking Free From Your Mind

“If only we could get some peace from the constant noise that goes on inside our heads”. This part of TheWEL provides you with access to solutions to quieten the mind and supports you to challenge the anxiety provoking thought patterns that drive unhelpful behaviour. You will gain a better understanding of how anxiety impairs optimal decision making and influences group behaviour within the organisational system.

Part 5  – TheWEL JOURNEY – Into the Future

This last part of TheWEL is geared towards equipping you with the “sailing skills” to navigate the storms of life and work. Bringing the learning of the previous four parts together, the final part of TheWEL will support you to continue beyond the course by sustaining your self-care into the future.

Meet the TheWEL Leader Team

The Course Creator and Leader – Dr David Reilly

Dr David Reilly
Director – TheWEL Charity
Co-founder and Director – TheWEL World

Doctor David Reilly FRCP MRCGP Honorary DSc

Dr David Reilly is an internationally acclaimed pioneer of a more humane holistic and wellness-enabling health care. His work spans forty years as a Consultant Physician, researcher, teacher, and innovator. 

His vision was credited by the Public Health Institute of Scotland with seeding the ‘Fifth Wave’ of Public Health, seminal in tackling the rising epidemics of modern living.  Dr Reilly has long been a healthcare reform advocate, emphasising the value of studying  human healing and recovery potential, and its catalysis through therapeutic relationship and evolving self-care, as a necessary foundation for a compassion-based better care.  

He used this focus when he led the creation of the NHS National Centre for Integrative Care in Scotland, and its award-winning building as a model of a healing environment.

As National Clinical Lead for Integrative Care for the Scottish Government he influenced policy and helped spread these ideas nationally. He has made extensive direct international contributions in over 20 countries.  

He now directs TheWEL Organisation and its radical courses that have been shown to help thousands of people improve and often transform their own wellbeing and health, and so better help others.

Previously: 38 years’ experience as a doctor included:

  • Lead Consultant Physician and Director of The Academic Department, The NHS Centre for Integrative Care
  • Scottish Government’s Lead Clinician for Integrative Care
  • Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Lead Clinician for CFS/ME
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medicine, Glasgow University
  • MRC/RCCM Research Fellow
  • Visiting Professor, Maryland University, USA
  • Visiting Faculty, Medical School, Harvard University, USA

TheWEL Leader Coaches – Paul McColgan

Paul McColgan
Co-founder and Director
TheWEL World
WEL Leader Coach

Paul is founder and CEO of Community Renewal Group and is an experienced social entrepreneur. His work in Community Renewal has helped lift over 5000 families out of poverty and his latest company, the multi-award winning Caledonia Cremation, is alleviating funeral poverty and disrupting the funeral industry in Scotland. Paul is also a board member of NHS Health Scotland.

Paul has been involved with TheWEL for 5 years, having first participated in TheWEL at a difficult time in his own career when he was close to burnout himself. Inspired by the ongoing changes in his life and self care, he is leading the development and training of The Guided WEL, which is allowing TheWEL to reach deep into deprived communities, delivered by trained facilitators. Paul aspires to create a WEL culture within Community Renewal Group and has given all 60 staff the opportunity to participate in TheWEL programme. This has created a new shared language of self-care and wellness among his colleagues.

Paul has over 20 years’ experience as a senior organisational strategy consultant and leadership coach and has written and delivered leadership and coaching programmes in Scotland and internationally.

Paul brings a wide range of training and experience:

  • BA Hons in Business Economics at UWS
  • Masters in Education at Loyola University, New Orleans
  • Certificate in Leadership Coaching  at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London
  • Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy at the College of Holistic Medicine in Glasgow
  • Certificate in Integrative Nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York (ongoing)

Cath Cooney

Cath Cooney
WEL Leader Coach

As CEO at LJN Konsult AB, Cath brings extensive experience from senior programme and policy leadership positions across public health, research, inequalities sensitive practice, health and social care, and third sectors in Scotland; and of supporting the development of transformative innovation networks, digital health solutions, and child and family health research in Sweden. 

Currently based in Sweden, and taking a social entrepreneurial approach, Cath has an international portfolio of work, each with shared goals in:

  • Supporting individuals to achieve optimal growth and competency in complexity through coaching and resilience strengthening approaches; and  
  • Bringing people together to generate innovative thinking and shared solutions to address the challenges we face in civic society. 

Cath brings a wealth of experience in the following relevant areas: 

  • Ten years’ experience in supporting the development and dissemination of TheWEL practice facilitation and research projects  
  • Optimize Leadership Coach with Brian Johnson Optimize Enterprises, Public Benefit Corporation, in California  
  • HeartMath UK Certified Trainer  
  • Practice Adviser and Skills for the 21st Century practitioner with the International Futures Forum in Scotland. 

Audrey Birt

Audrey Birt
WEL Leader Coach

Audrey is an experienced coach and consultant, running her own business, Birt Associates. Prior to setting up her own business she worked as National Director for Diabetes Scotland and as Executive Director with Breakthrough Breast Cancer, a charity she set up in Scotland. Audrey has extensive experience as a senior nurse prior to moving into leadership roles within the charity sector. The focus of all of her work is to enable transformational change in people and organisations. Audrey has been a trustee of THEWEL Charity for several years , having a strong belief in the power of TheWEL journey. She has been a participant on TheWEL which led to her own ongoing path to wellbeing. Her understanding of TheWEL shapes her own practice as a coach. In addition to her commitment to authentic and mindful leadership, she has become a qualified mindfulness teacher. She has also studied a gestalt approach in organisations over a number of years, leading to the Diploma in Gestalt Organisations.

Recent involvements include:

  • Coaching senior level executives in the NHS and Social Care as well as other major public and third sector organisations
  • Team coaching of senior executives as part of the Collaborative Leadership in Practice Programme for NES
  • Developing and delivering a person-centred network and within it coaching programme for integrated health and social care teams
  • Associate Director for the Health and Social Care Academy including leading on the development of the Five Provocations for Health and Social Care

Dr Aileen McGrane

Dr Aileen McGrane
Clinical Associate and
WEL Leader Coach

Aileen has built the fourteen years of her medical practice as a doctor on an emphasis on health rather than just disease. She has worked at the NHS Centre for Integrative Care, then as an NHS General Practitioner, and now is the Lead Physician in Bupa’s health assessment centre in Glasgow. She also sits on tribunals for disability benefits as her experience of working with patients with chronic diseases has led to an understanding and empathy towards those living with these conditions and the additional support that is required.

Aileen’s WEL involvement began in early 2013 at a time when she gained great benefit from it personally and saw the potential to share this work with her own patients.  She used attendance at multiple cohorts, which helped her personally and professionally, to build her skills as a co-facilitator, while working in TheWEL team to develop the trainer program. 

Aileen lives with her partner and 3 children and has continued to work on her own self care since starting her first WEL course. She has learnt how to take care of her own needs whilst working in a busy job and balancing raising a family. She has an interest in mindfulness and has recently started running. She is a believer that you have to practice what you preach and often shares her own experiences and challenges with her patients to help try and make change achievable and break down some of the barriers we all face.

Susie Greig

Susie Grieg
WEL Leader Coach

Susie brings her 25 years experience in healthcare as a registered nurse combined with her CEO-Innovator drive and her skills as a WEL Practitioner.  She has a passion for wellness and is driven to empower people with the knowledge and skills to take more charge over their health and wellbeing.  Since 2013, after her own health breakdown, her focus on practical skills intensified and she trained as a HeartMath coach and facilitator.  This position guided her towards TheWEL where she found her true love – the art of human flourishing and wellness enhancement.  With 5 years WEL experience, she now leads as a WEL Practitioner and WELGuide.  She is currently building on this knowledge and embodied experience with training as an Optimize Coach.

Susie is the founder and CEO of Revive in 10 – bite-sized practical solutions to bring you back to life.  The small things lead to the Big Things.

The Essence of TheWEL

“David is such a wise man, a role model for us all and a giant in his field; he has such an understanding of the deeper meaning of life.  David uses his extensive clinical and research experience in restoring wholeness for human beings to give us hope for a new kind of future.”

Dr Hans Hartung, MD, NHS Consultant
 David Reilly – The Alliance ‘Changemaker of the Year’ 2017

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