TheWel World –
Built on 30 years of development, research and transformative results

TheWEL creates health following a different compass. Its innovative models turn the impasse in today’s crises of health into opportunities for transformative change – in individuals, systems and policies. The Public Health Institute of Scotland credited this work as embodying the needed fresh wave of thinking in health and prevention.

We are living through an era of transition and the core of TheWEL’s vision aims for a horizon that will yield the capacity to transform – rather than just manage – the rising international tide of epidemics of long term conditions and loss of wellbeing like:

• Diabetes • Stress • Obesity • Fatigue

Situations that are neither being prevented nor fixed by our current maps of care.

The Healing Shift Enquiry

In this short video Dr David Reilly introduces his work on the Healing Shift Enquiry and TheWEL Programme, its principles, key learning points and results.

If it was not for what I learned on TheWEL course, I would be on Insulin now for my diabetes, and on anti-depressants… it has transformed my life…. I was shocked the other day to hear the poor advice and even poorer support given to a man who had just been diagnosed with diabetes. I want now to help bring what I learned to others.

WEL participant and now partner

What We Offer

  • Conference Events to introduce Wellness Enhancement Learning to a broad cross section of Healthcare, Third Sector, Public and Private Sector Partners.
  • StaffWEL Programmes to provide a lived experience of embarking on a WEL journey that places their own wellness at the centre of workers’ professional lives, and through them spreads this learning to the work place, patients and clients.
  • Facilitator Training to enable your staff to be able to deliver WEL programmes in your organisation or community.
  • Peer support for participants through training up WEL Buddies who provide aftercare support to people who have completed the WEL Programme.
  • The opportunity to join a growing online community of people who have experienced TheWEL programme and who provide continued peer support.
  • WEL Leader Coaching to accelerate and deepen their journey towards wellness through 1-1 support.

Who We Are

Dr David Reilly

FRCP MRCGP DSc(Hon) Internationally recognised pioneer in health, a leader in reforming core approaches to care and self-care, and developing new holistic models, emphasising human capacity and therapeutic relationship. 38 years as a doctor; Consultant Physician; academic researcher and teacher; designer of TheWEL Programmes and founder of the linked charity.

Paul McColgan

has spent the past 20 years at the frontline of tackling health inequalities in Scotland’s most deprived neighbourhoods. He has pioneered a range of holistic approaches that have resulted in sustained transformation for individuals and communities. His work in the charity Community Renewal has assisted over 5000 families to improve their health and wellbeing. Paul is the subject expert for Community Engagement in Scotland and is a board member of NHS Health Scotland.

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